Cook Book Book Club

I really love two things.

Cooking & reading

Put the two together, and I am obsessed!

When I open up a new cookbook, I feel like I am genuinely invited into the writers table. The culture, the ingredients, the history.

Then, when I combine that with conversation – bliss!

I’m all done with this pandemic beating up my mental health. If you are like me, it’s time to find ways for fellowship. Even if it means I have to get creative.

I have a special new announcement!

We are launching a book club – but for cookbooks.

Each month, we will choose one hot cookbook. We will then divvy up the recipes based on how many participants we have.

On a given evening, we will make 2-3 dishes and hop on a Zoom.

We’ll crack open a beer or bottle of wine and enjoy an hour. TOGETHER.

Let’s review the recipes, review the book, talk about what we loved and hated but most of all, what we learned!!

Are you interested in building real relationships with fellow chefs and home cooks?

Sign up today for our first book and date announcement!!!!

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