About Me

Welcome! I’m so glad you are here!

Hi! I’m Sarah, a full-time working mother of 5. That’s right, FIVE KIDS! I have always loved cooking and hospitality. During quarantine, my daughters and I decided to take it up a notch and start a YouTube channel teaching our favorite recipes.

And this is growing so quickly!

We realized a YouTube alone is…well…boring! So, we have expanded to an Instagram and now, our website!

We want to share a twist on instructional cooking videos to make it not only fun, but real life. Many of us are not navigating a quiet kitchen, solo. There’s distractions. There’s pets and children and children that are also pets. Our approach is loud, its silly, its irreverent. Because food is FUN.

What do we want to share?

  • Fun, accessible recipes. You’ll be able to find these ingredients easily at your local market.
  • Tips and tricks. I’m a self-taught cook who is OBSESSED with Food Network and learning about food. I will share my years of experience and tips to make incredible food and get our bellies full and happy.
  • Cookbook Reviews! I’m addicted to cookbooks. I collect them. I LOVE them. I read them like novels. I want to share my favorites with you!
  • Hospitality! Cooking is only 1/2 the fun for me. I like to share this food and love with as many friends as possible. How do I balance working a (very) full-time job AND find the time to host dinner parties? HINT: Its easier than you think!
  • Soul. Learning to cook and exploring new recipes while LAUGHING. Cause, being serious just isn’t in my nature.

So, welcome! Lets laugh a lot and learn just a bit in the process. Please come along for the ride! Connect with me on Instagram, subscribe on YouTube. Lets do this!

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